Fierce argument between Radar Opus and Complete dynamics

Dr Mansoor Ali 

The major Homoeopathic software companies are now in heated exchange with arguments on who is the best

The incident started in October the 2nd 2019, a newsletter was sent by with some ‘misleading’ information about  RadarOpus.

Opus team warned  Compete Dynamics stating that “misleading or false “comparative publicity” is punishable by Law in the Netherlands (where we believe you have your headquarters) and in EU”.

Main points in arguments

  1. Complete Dynamics claiming that Radar Opus had not yet released a version compatible  with Mac OS Catalina, when they had already released it.
  2. Complete Dynamics claiming their software has the most languages(11),when RadarOpus has 13 (+ more than 1.700 documents in 12 languages).
  3. Complete Dynamics claiming that they are  financially stable whereas “others” are are not (whereas we are very financially stable).
  4. Complete Dynamics claiming to be the No. 1 Homeopathic Software in the World, basing themselves on financial reports of radar Opus  company but not actually showing sources.
  5. Loading speed : RadarOpus announced in September 2019 that they improved the startup speed of their program from 22 seconds to 13 seconds. They measured on a MacBook Air 2017 (SSD), a very fast PC. Complete Dynamics loads instantly (less than 1 second).

See the Complete Dynamics New letter and counter by Radar Opus team

Our Opinion
Content wise Opus is the best, but technologically Complete dynamics is far better