Complete Dynamics – Homeopathy Software

A software program using the Complete Repertory.

It is surprisingly elegant and simple to use. The free Browser Edition allows everybody to read and study the entire Complete Repertory for free. The commercial Practitioner Edition adds Analysis, Case Management, and Materia Medica, for a very moderate price.

Pricing is based on a subscription model, with no initial large investment like other commercial software, and free upgrades and support. Complete Dynamics is a program that is designed from the ground up to run on MacOs, Windows and Linux.

Why Complete Dynamics?

  • Complete Dynamics is very easy to use, but at the same time very powerful!
  • Complete Dynamics offers you all you need as a professional homeopathic practitioner (or student)!
  • Complete Dynamics is very moderately priced!
  • Complete Dynamics is available now, not some time later this year (or maybe next year)!
  • Complete Dynamics is the first and only program that runs native on Windows, Mac, and Linux!
  • It runs on the latest versions of your computer, including MacOsX Lion and Windows 7!
  • Complete Dynamics is guaranteed do be free of problems.
  • Complete Dynamics offers the best customer support!
  • Complete Dynamics gives you the latest technology available!
  • Complete Dynamics has the most up-to-date repertory of the world! (Complete Repertory by Roger van Zandvoort)
  • Complete Dynamics is created by professionals, the best in the homeopathic community!
  • Complete Dynamics is the fastest growing homeopathic software solution of this time!

Complete Dynamics really helps you!

Don’t let the bigger companies fool you! You can now have all you need for a fair price. Our prices are fair, and you will not pay for large office buildings, advertisements in all kinds of papers, the manager’s swimming pool or his wife’s Ferrari, stacks of promotion material, and all that things that you do not need.

All you need is Complete Dynamics.

For free? – Browser Edition

Yes, now every homeopath can have Complete Repertory on his computer, absolutely for free!

The full book, with powerful search functions. Available for MacOs, Windows, and Linux!

Practitioner Edition

The Practitioner Edition contains additional modules for Case Management, Analysis and Materia Medica.

Besides the powerful browsing and searching facilities, the Practitioner Edition enables you to do professional analysis of your cases.

Student Edition

Students of homeopathy can use the Practitioner Edition for a reduced price.

About the project

This exciting new project is created by two remarkable people:

Roger van Zandvoort (1958) Roger has dedicated his life to creating the best homeopathic repertory in the world.

Edwin van Grinsven (1959) Edwin has a professional background in software development of over 25 years.

He runs a private practice in homeopathy since 1998.

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  1. I want to purcase the licence for My Laptop & IPAD . How much i need to pay for licence which i can use simultanously on Laptop and IPAD .

  2. I am interested in homoeopathic treatment,and i am also passed B.H.M.S. I wants job in homoeopathy medical science,so adviced me.

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