Homeopathic approach in chronic renal failure

Homoeopathic Concept and Diagnosis in the management of Chronic Renal Failure

Dr. Pawan Paareek

People with Kidney failure developed hope of survival American Doctors performed the first successful Kidney Transplantation between the two identical twins, No ARD was used. The receptor died 22yrs later of a heart problem.

30yrs before Patient had to spend 36 hours a week on Haemodialysis

20 yrs before Haemodialysis was reduced to 12 hours a week


  • Diabetes accounts for more than 40% of all new cases Of End stage renal disease
  • High BP accounts for 26% of all new cases of ESRD

Is dialysis a cure?

Patients are referred to the dialysis table quickly as soon as he comes in contact with the nephrologists

Haemodialysis & Peritoneal dialysis can eliminate waste & excess chemicals from your blood.

Dialysis can’t produce the vital hormones.

Homoeopathic approach
Emotional and Gentle kidney influences the complete vital economy of our body Hence our thoughts, our feelings, our life style, contribute to the kidney problem.

Golden rule of treatment is based on totality of symptoms Application of the law of similar depends entirely on the concept of  individualization and susceptible constitution.

Mental stress and chronic renal failure
Stress stimulates the adrenal gland which then secretes catecholamines (adrenaline and noradrenaline) which circulate in the blood stream, activating various organs including the liver, the kidneys, the heart, and the lungs; resulting in increased blood pressure, enhanced muscle tension, increased blood sugar.

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