Homeopathic software with IRS & Phonetic Hindi

Drs.Nisanth & Smita Nambison

Complete Dynamics a European Homeopathic software is now available in India. This is a joint venture of Roger van Zandvoort & Edwin van Grinsven, the hindi support for this software has been extended by us (Drs.Nisanth & Smita Nambison). This software comes loaded with latest Complete Repertory, where as all other softwares in the India are still distributing very very old version of Complete Repertory.

IRS (Intelligent Repertorisation System): This is a system in Complete Dynamics software which automatically balances the weight of one or more rubrics indicating single symptom in the Analysis. So, that one or more similar rubrics don’t overpower the analysis, as happens in the conventional method & in other softwares.

A very powerful tool to Individualise a case for classical prescription. In repertorisation 2+2 is not always = 4. In the process of analysis the importance of each 2 has to be evaluated to find the actual similimum & not the per se similimum.

IRS also called Balancing symptoms

Balancing of Symptoms is an advanced analysis mechanism, compensating the use of many/few Rubrics in a Symptom. When balancing is switched on (which it normally is), you can place as many Rubrics under a Symptom as you want, without disturbing the analysis.
In traditional analyses, you would have to carefully select rubrics in an analysis, because if you would use too many rubrics to express a certain symptom, the remedies matching that single symptom would start to dominate the analysis. Likewise, if you would only use a single rubric, the remedies in that rubric would not sufficiently contribute to the overall analysis, compared rubrics used for the other symptoms.

With Balancing of Symptoms switched on, every Symptom is counted with the Weight assigned to it, no matter whether you place a single Rubric under it or, let’s say, 10 Rubrics.

Let’s take a look at an example. In the following analysis, many rubrics are used to express the head pains. If no Balancing is used, Glonoinum dominates the results, whereas with Balancing Natrum Muriaticum become more apparent.

Phonetic Hindi: This is a latest concept of Information technology applied for the benefits of Homeopaths of India. For a Homeopath it is very difficult to type Hindi, as the user cannot see the Hindi alphabet on the Keyboard. But, in phonetic Hindi input you can type Hindi word as you pronounce it. For example to input ‘अनिद्रा’ the user has to type ‘anidra’ & the software will show result for ‘अनिद्रा’ ‘Sleeplessness’ OR type ‘sir’ for ‘सिर’ that’s it.


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