Homoeopathy for All- journal review

Dr.Sushil Vats

HOMOEOPATHY FOR ALL [Dec. 2004-Editor Dr. Nidhi Luthra]

Started in Dec, 1999, this magazine has come a long way. Current issue is published as Women special issue .Writing editorial on the importance of nutrition, Dr.Nidhi Quotes Hippocrates who said- let food be your medicine. But she writes that despite the documented evidence available on the fact that diet can both cure and prevent disease, there is a lack of nutritional awareness among the people. We continue to lead unhealthy like- styles and follow an unsuitable diet that eventually leads us falling ill. According to her women in our country pay least stress on their diets; they do not realize the importance of correct nutrition to prevent many ailments common in women.

Makes interesting reading.Acorrding to writer Ferr.Phos. is the vital constituent of the blood and without it the exchange of oygen in the blood can not be carried out. Ferrum phos is easily assimilated by the blood and thus forms a very effective remedy for anemia. The increase in the proportion of haemoglobin is shown almost invariably soon after its prescription.

This is a magazine meant for public circulation but has caught the eyes of profession also. Commercially well managed, it is nice to see this magazine getting good response in public

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