New homeopathic medicines: use of modern drugs according to the principle of similitude

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by Marcus Zulian Teixeira

Homeopathic treatment is based on the principle of therapeutic similarity (similitude), using drugs that cause certain disorders to treat similar manifestations, stimulating a reaction of the organism against its own disorders.

The occurrence of this secondary reaction of the organism, with a nature opposite to the primary action of the drugs, is evidenced in the study of the rebound effect (paradoxical reaction of organism) of several classes of modern drugs.

In this series, in addition to supporting the principle of similarity in the face of clinical and experimental pharmacology, we suggest a proposal to employ hundreds of conventional drugs according to the homeopathic method, applying therapeutic similitude between adverse drug events and the clinical manifestations of patients.

Describing existing lines of research and a specific method for the therapeutic use of the rebound effect of modern drugs (, we hope to minimize prejudices related to homeopathy and contribute to an expansion of the art of healing.

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