Usage of Nosodes in Homoeopathy – Survey

Usage of Nosodes in Homoeopathy
A survey to explore the prevalent practices & trends

Dear Homoeopths,

Spare 2-3 minutes to participate in the following survey, which will be useful to our profession.

An initiative by
– Dr. Saurav Arora, Senior Research Fellow, Owner (
– Dr. Rahul Tewari, Medical Director, Dr Vivekananda’s Vision Clinic (
– Dr. R. Valavan, Manager Scientific Affairs, Willmer Schwabe India (
– Dr. Renu Singh, Homoeopathic Consultant (
– Dr. Arvind Pandey, Homoeopathic Consultant (

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Disclaimer: The survey presented to you is intended solely for the use of Homoeopathic physicians holding a valid degree/diploma/certification by designated authority in your country. If you are not the intended recipient of this survey, you must take no action based upon it, nor must you copy or distribute it to anyone. However you can promote this survey by sharing the link given above. Please contact the sender if you believe you have received this link in error.

You can fill it out online

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  1. Its worth surveying my Good wishes-for the project,Nosodes – I regularly use Bowel nosodes Patterson and are effective especially Baccillus no 7 ,Dys co in 30 Potency.
    I use tubercullin 1m inc cases of respiratory it helps the reoccurance , and it should be the drug of choice in the time to come as a prophylactic.
    Work on the raw material needs attention as very less work is being reported or done ?

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