Vithoulkas Compass for a better prescription

A new breakthrough online software-as-a-service expert system for practitioners offering the highest level of accuracy in finding the correct remedy. is the next generation, online expert system of unmatched accuracy, which is designed to empower all levels of homeopath practitioners to maximize their case taking efficiency, their prescribing effectiveness upon actual cases or complex cases which remained unsolved up to now, while at the same time increasing their productivity and skill level. It incorporates several features and tools that make the practice of homeopathy not only easier and more successful, but also a constant learning experience. The system closely emulates the thinking process of a master homeopath in several ways. Professor George Vithoulkas who also routinely uses the system has commented: “The performance of VC has significantly surpassed my expectations, an extremely useful tool for all levels of practicing homeopaths”.

The analysis of thousands of real cases and the guidance by Professor George Vithoulkas, have resulted in a completely new level of accuracy in homeopathy software. VC is a web-based application which can be accessed from a variety of web-capable devices, with no need for any software download or installation. It is a live system whose performance and features will be constantly improving, based upon user experience and ongoing research into the complex nature of homeopathy.

VC development
The development of VC took more than 3 years of intensive study and application of advanced mathematical models. During the development process state-of-the-art mathematical software tools were used to assist in building the expert system. The software team implemented a large number of successive prototypes which were evaluated using statistical data from real cases.  These results were reviewed by George Vithoulkas and other experienced homeopaths.

The repertory of VC was developed in parallel with the mathematical engine. It is a verified repertory, based on Kent and includes additions and corrections by George Vithoulkas as well as selected rubrics by classic authors. The goal for the repertory was to enrich it based on confirmed experience of experienced homeopaths, always making sure that it keeps its coherence and grading consistency.

In the development of VC all important decisions about its design and operation were made with maximum performance, confirmation of all data using real world cases and usage efficiency as the top priorities. The end result is a system which not only proposes the correct remedy for each case with remarkable accuracy, but one which then guides the homeopath through the process of verification of candidate remedies and provides the tools and information for a prescription with confidence.

Using VC
When using VC, the practitioner can be confident he or she is being supported, by the most sophisticated and effective software for homeopathy. But in contrast with its unmatched accuracy, which is based on a complex mathematical model and the analysis of thousands of cases, the VC user interface has been designed to be simple, intuitive and foolproof.  Usage of VC can be mastered in a matter of minutes. It is a tool and it is meant to be as easily accessible as possible. And it includes a number of functions that will make the life of the user easier and more productive.

Main Features

  • Advanced expert system based on groundbreaking research in homeopathic prescribing
  • Differential analysis mode guides the practitioner in asking questions to confirm remedies
  • Confirmed repertory, constantly being updated
  • Explanation of the remedy choice by the expert system
  • Online materia medicas and other remedy information
  • Totally web-based. No installation, multi-platform (iPad and tablet interface at end of March 2012)
  • Simple, intuitive graphical user interface
  • Multilanguage support, currently in 7 languages
  • Case histories are anonymously stored online and are accessible from anywhere, anytime
  • Send and Receive Case functionality to share cases with colleagues, teachers and students. Special features for schools
  • Export Case functionality to file, for printing or storing case data
  • Future payment scheme for VC will be pay-as-you-work at a modest cost.
  • Live system operated by a capable organisation supporting it and constantly developing and improving it

Visit and have a firsthand experience of how it can maximize your homeopathic prescribing effectiveness

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